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Important Information

* The student would be provided with the hard copy of books/study material along with the login credentials for accessing the courses online.
* The prospective student should check their eligibility before enrolment and there would be no refund of any registration or part fees payment done to the institution before enrolment.
* After getting the login credentials, student can access the subject wise assignments and the project to be submitted to the institute.


1. The students will be provided with Assignment Response Sheet along with their study material.
2. Students should submit 2 hard copies written assignments per subject in the assignment response sheet one month before the exams.
3. The questionnaire for the assignments would be provided to students.
4. The student should score 40% in every assignment to pass in respective assignment.
5. Assignment marks are considered in the final mark sheet generated by the university and assignment would have 30% weightage for the same while exams would have 70% weightage for final score card.
6. Hard copy of the assignments for all the subjects of every semester to be submitted one month before the respective semester exam to the institute address as mentioned below -

3, Main BegamPur Market
New Delhi-110086
Phone - (+91) 9625-55-5605
Email - edumantra1771@gmail.com


1. For programs with project work students are required to submit a soft copy as well as the hard copy of the project.
2. The project should be industry related topic selection & finalization will be done by the institute.
3. The project should be done by the student and must be original. Plagiarism will not be accepted.
Among the major reasons why Python is “slow”, it really boils down to 2 — Python is interpreted as opposed to compiled, ultimately leading to slower execution times; and the fact that it is dynamically typed. Take, for example, TensorFlow, a Machine Learning library available in Python. These libraries were actually written in C++ and made available in Python, sort of forming a Python implementation. The same goes for Numpy and, to an extent, even Caer.


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