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At EDUMANTRA, we pride ourselves on a dynamic and learner-centric pedagogical approach designed to maximize educational outcomes for our students. Our partner’s learning pedagogy is a fusion of innovative methodologies and cutting-edge technology, creating a transformative educational experience. We maintain an active online presence, offering guidance, feedback, and support, and fostering a sense of instructor-student connection.

Online learning mode of education attracts students as it offers various advantages that open the door to a bright future by respecting an individual’s own learning space and preferences. However, the journey from face-to-face learning system to online pedagogy is not easy for all, thanks to the internet that develops the new normal as distance learning courses and promotes the concept of e-learning. The old teaching approach is being replaced by contemporary online pedagogy and approaches as the students find this a more convenient option to fulfill their higher educational goals.

Online and Distance education universities developed a customized learning management system to support every student as well as the instructor by advancing the methods and pedagogy.

Online Teaching Methods and Pedagogy to Support E-Learning

The pedagogical techniques for online learning are as follows:

Online Whiteboard : Online whiteboards are used as an alternative to blackboard. An online whiteboard facilitates communication and improves relationships between professors and students in a virtual classroom setting. Teachers can create diagrams, share pre-made templates and charts, doodle, write, and more on an online whiteboard. The platform enables real-time connectivity between teachers and students, enabling them to share content, perform interactive exercises, complete assignments, review homework, brainstorm lessons, and provide feedback, among other uses.

Pre-Recorded Video Lectures : To provide a customized learning experience, teachers and faculty used the pre-recorded video lecture feature. Through recorded videos, students can learn at any time, anywhere. They can access the recorded lecture as much as they want to clear their doubt and issues. Some students find this online teaching method and pedagogy better than live online classes as it gives them the flexibility to attend the lecture on their own time.

Live Classes Online : Live online classes allow face-to-face conversation and real-time interaction via the Internet. Instructors communicate with students through Internet video conferencing applications and tools to conduct regular classes. Distance learning becomes possible with live online classes, and instructors can even communicate with students who are studying overseas. Live online classes using an online whiteboard are more engaging.

Presentations : Presenting the content plays a most important role in teaching, conveying the message in an appropriate yet effective way is crucial. In an online class, teachers should present information about a subject and book using visuals like images, GIFs, and videos. This makes it easy for students to pass on information and can be used for later purposes like studying and revising the syllabus.

Flipped Classroom: Over the last few years, flipped classrooms have become more and more popular. It has become recognized as one of the top instructional strategies. The idea of a flipped classroom is quite different from that of a typical classroom. According to this theory, before receiving instruction from their teacher, pupils should read and go over the study material. In reality, it's a holding notion for real in-class instruction, when teachers instruct and pupils study afterward.

Our online Teaching Strategies

Online teaching encourages those who do not actively participate in traditional classrooms. Best and updated teaching strategies make the learning experience more engaging and interesting. The best following online learning strategies are:

EDUMANTRA ensures that course materials and activities are accessible to students with disabilities and diverse backgrounds. It prioritizes engagement and interactivity by providing complete satisfaction to the students. EDUMANTRA is liable for 100% student support and provides the best guidance to every level until the students get all the documents and certificates from the college. Additionally, if the student faces any issue after enrolling in the college may connect to solve any query whether for a change in marksheet etc.



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